The investment climate has never been more exciting or more challenging than it is today.

To take advantage of all available opportunities, we believe investors need two things: an understanding of which investment products are most appropriate for their situation and a relationship with a independent representative who has a clear understanding of their needs.

By keeping clients' objectives in focus, staying in contact with them throughout all market conditions and making investment adjustments as economic or lifestyle conditions warrant, we maintain a constant commitment to putting service first.

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As a full-service financial firm, we offer clients an assortment of comprehensive, non-proprietary investment choices. Our products and services include:



Managed asset plans

For professional fee-based portfolio management through LPL Financial

Direct investments

Potential tax advantages


If you would like any further information about these topics, or other areas of investing, please don't hesitate to contact us, by phone or email. We can help you make sense of today's investment climate.

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Investment Planning

How your money grows, what you pay for that growth, and the ease and comfort with which you “journey” towards reaping the rewards of your investments, are all important aspects of a good investment plan.

Long Term Care

Long-term care protection: Accidents, at home, at work, during your commute, can leave you severely disabled and financially stressed. As can debilitating illness! We’ll help you insure against such unexpected turn of events.

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